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Parts & Tools

Welcome to the Can-Am Clinic

I can supply the necessary treatment to keep your machine in the best of health.

With 20 years experience and with over 100,000 miles of riding and maintaining ex-MOD Can-Ams, I have the tools and parts to keep your bike running and on the road.

Most of these excellent machines have had a hard life in the hands of the military but properly used and maintained they will give many years of reliable riding.

Most of the problems I have encountered are due to owner misuse or abuse with some owners regarding the bike as "a bit of ex-army kit" and treat it accordingly, sometimes with expensive results.

Image of a Can-Am motorcycle from the left-hand side

Can-Am Mk2

Image of a Can-Am motorcycle from the right-hand side

Can-Am Mk2

The Can-Am was used by the British Army to replace the BSA B40.

There were two contracts FVE22A/36 in 1978 and FVE22A/88 in 1980. These can be referred to as the Mk1 and Mk2 respectively, although in reality there are few differences. Frame numbers begin with 8960 for the Mk1 and 8801 & 8802 for the Mk2 (8801 being RH dipped headlight for use in Germany and 8802 LH dip for use in the UK).

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